If you are thinking of using our services, we will invite you to our office for a free initial consultation. We expect no commitment from you at this stage This is a non-committal meeting [for you to discuss]. We will simply talk through your existing financial situation, understand your needs and explain the services we can offer.

We will then analyse what you have told us before providing you with our recommendations and the reasons for them. We will give you time to consider your options, wait for you to tell us you are happy to proceed and then help you with the paperwork involved.

The products we recommend are from a panel of providers selected by our network, Quilter Financial Services. Quilter are currently the largest network of financial advisers in the country and are owned by Old Mutual Wealth (March 2016). It conducts the necessary research and due diligence into the products currently available on the market. The network's scale and support means that you can be assured that Stonebridge Wealth is operating in a safe, secure and financially stable environment.

It also means we have more time to focus on delivering the best service to our clients. We believe it’s important to stay in touch regularly to ensure you continue to get the right support as your life and financial circumstances evolve.


We don’t charge for your initial consultation and we will explain our costs and fees once we have analysed your situation. Once we agree on the level of service you would like us to deliver, we can discuss how you would prefer to pay.